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Sabrina Liao has a passion for all things creative, fun and challenging. An avid tennis player/Federer fan & animal lover, she published her English book "Chinese Astrology" in 2001 and 6 more books in Technology and Life in New York City.

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My Chinese Astrology Book

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Amazon Reviews

scary accurate personality guide
This is very interesting. The book easily leads the reader through learning about the various animal signs and how they apply to personality. What I particularly liked was the birth dates. The Chinese new year comes close but does not follow the regular calendar exactly so you might not be the sign you think you are based on what year you are born. The list of birthdates in this book projects to 2031 so can be used for years to come.
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August 14, 2016

Five Stars
June 02, 2016

Thank you.
Thank you.
July 14, 2015

Five Stars
December 02, 2014

Liao's Chinese Zodiac
A good source for starters who want to gain knowledge of this craft. It's also an excellent information for people who want to remember the sequence of this topic.
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February 04, 2014

Chinese Astrology
I like the subject matter a lot and have a number of books on the subject. I'd recommend it to any one.
June 04, 2013

An easy and information-filled read
I bought my first copy of this book when it came out in 2001 and keep losing them to friends, because they love it so picking up yet another! Great fun reading the descriptions as they tend to peg people nearly spot on and very different from Western astrology which is often really ambiguous. It's not a large book, but contains a lot of info, so great value. Probably the part I use the most is the chart at the front to find your animal based on birth year in the Chinese calendar. We recently did a test of a large number of those Internet "what's my animal" Chinese Astrology calculators and discovered about three-quarters of them calculate incorrectly, so I do tend to favour the chart in the book for accuracy. The chart runs from 1900 - 2031, so was useful for looking back to chart grandparents and now our children and we'll be able to continue to use it for a long while yet. There's information about the elements, the forces of yin-yang, subtle differences in the male or female versions of the animals, history and legend around where these animal signs came from and Sabrina Liao has written in such an engaging, relaxed style that you can't help but want to absorb - makes it an enjoyable and entertaining read, even if you're not very into Chinese astrology.
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May 15, 2013

Best Chinese Astrology Book!!
I used to rent this book from the library all the time!! I couldn't find it in Borders (when it was still in business), Barnes & Noble, or any other book store. Once I got my first credit card I ordered it online right away!!! A great read for anybody interested in learning about Chinese Astrology or a certain sign or element of someone.
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January 25, 2013

Humorous yet on the mark in many cases
Given all our friends and family and business associates interactions, seeing some decent accuracy in these astrology write-ups. There are off course exceptions, but when she's right, it is amazingly accurate, such as good relationships / interaction between boar, sheep and rabbit. Some maybe situational, self-fulfilling prophecies, but in our sample size it is delightful to see the horoscopes matching to observed interactions (both positive and negative). I don't read too much into these and find it entertaining book. I think everyone has some elements of all these pieces, and very entertaining to read through the descriptions and match them up to folks we know well and sometimes coincidentally enlightening for our family.
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January 23, 2012

Entertaining, but quite spot-on in accuracy
I bought one copy for myself, then lost it to my mother the next day; she absconded with it, and what could I say? 🙂 It *was* Mother's Day. That said, I ordered a few more for myself and others. While I generally don't follow astrology, it's entertaining to read on occasion. This book is quite good at pegging people. My family and friends and I have had a blast reading through it, regarding ours and others' profiles. I would recommend this to anyone, for sure, even for entertainment purposes only.
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August 03, 2009

Great Book
Fast delivery and in great shape. The book contents have kept my wife reading for hours. Seems to be pretty accurate and a fun read.
March 29, 2006

Great Book
If you are interested in Chinese Astrology, I recommend this book. It gives you a ton of info about all the the zodiac signs, including a detailed description of the history and legend behind Chinese Astrology and the zodiac calendar. I personally found out, that I wasn't really a snake due to the starting and end dates of the year I was born. I'm actually a dragon. It's more accurate for me than a snake. Very, very good book.
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April 03, 2003

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