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The Dutiful Dog

Personal Traits

Dog people are honest, faithful and sincere. They respect tradition and value honor, and enjoy helping people. The Dog is very righteous, and always is the first to speak out against injustice. He is not good at socializing with friends, and rarely shines in company, but he is intelligent, caring and a good listener.

Loyal, faithful and honest, he has the most profound sense of duty. You can count on him and he'll never let you down. And as a good listener, the Dog is also very reliable in keeping secrets for others. He simply doesn't like to gossip.

The Dog is an agreeable companion - when he is in a good mood. But when panic strikes, he can turn nasty, and bark till he is tired. He can be judgmental, defensive and picky if you rub him the wrong way, but as long as you know how to pet and massage him, the Dog makes absolutely the best and most honorable companion on earth.

Dogs are born old and get younger as they age. They take everything very serious. You may hear the Dog complains a lot about street lamps, about traffic, or about weather, but as he gets older, the less he takes his own criticisms seriously.

The loyal Dog makes a splendid captain of industry, a priest, an educator, a critic, or a doctor. But whatever his career, it'll have in him a spokesman whose ideals will be profound and often original.

When the fear becomes reality, Dogs go a little crazy. The Dog enters a relationship where he is the giver and the partner is the taker. He is usually very generous and loyal, and in love, he is honest and straightforward. But he will have romantic problems all his life - it's his own fault, really: he leads himself by his emotional in stability and his eternal anxiety. He is a worrier.

(1 - least compatible, 10 - most compatible)

dog4 with Rat 7 - Why not
OX 5 - This is one rocky relationship
Tiger 8 - Good - a balanced and harmonic relationship
Rabbit 7 - As long as they don't take each other for granted
Dragon 4 - Believe me you can do better than that
Snake 7 - A balanced and compatible team
Horse 9 - A happy couple
Sheep 6 - Difficult relationship
Monkey 6 - With reservation - the Dog might suffer
Rooster 6 - Only if it's absolutely necessary
Dog 7 - They understand each other but love to fight
Pig 7 - They share their thoughts and feelings

Schoenberg, Winston Churchill, Al Jolson, George Gershwin, Michael Jackson, Alfred Eisenstadt , Madonna, Debussy

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